MONARCH 1131 Price/Label Gun

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The Monarch 1131 is our most popular labeler. With its ability print date codes, prep times, unit-of-measure prices and prices for multiples while using up eight characters...

  • One line pricing gun
  • Prints 8 characters
  • 3 different band configurations choose from
  • Ability print time and date
  • Features units of measure
  • All Monarch 1131 models use the same pricing labels

Monarch Price Gun 1131 - Basics

The Monarch 1131 is a one line pricing gun. The labels therefore have a p line that is cusmizable or preprinted and a botm line for pricing.

The Monarch 1131 price marking label gun is a basic, small, easy use price marking gun that has proven be ugh and longstanding Monarch 1131 labels are great for clear pricing for indoor and outdoor products.

The amazing open loading system of the Monarch 1130 series in general, prevents loose labels from falling in the insides of the gun, as well as ensuring smooth operations and easy load and remove labels.

The labels for the Monarch 1131 are available in 15 different colors, as well as various different sck prints, including “FROZEN”, “SELL BY” and “USE BY”. As mentioned above, the p line may also be used for cusm print.

The Monarch 1131 prints 8 digits on a 3/4” wide X 7/16” tall label, also known as the A0022. They are available with or without security slits. If not specified, the labels will have slits and general adhesive. The labels are available with removable adhesive, upon request.

Loading Labels

Changing the Ink