Monarch 1115 Price Gun with Labels Starter Kit: Includes Price Gun, 6,000 White Pricing Labels, Inker and Label Scrapper

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  • MONARCH 1115 2 LINE PRICE GUN KIT: Each kit includes a brand new 1115 price gun, 6,000 White Pricing Labels, instruction booklet and Inker.
  • TWO LINE PRICING LABELS: You can use the botm line print a price, and the p line print a date, batch code, product code, or any other identifier or time stamp.
  • STRONG ADHESIVE LABELS: Backed with a strong glue that sticks firmly, making it easier price up your invenry and security slits prevent tempering.
  • EASY TO LOAD: These high quality 19 mm x 15 mm (3/4” X 19/32”) Perco labels fit in all Monarch 1115 models for perfect print alignment, and smooth operation.
  • MADE IN USA: These labels are made by Perco Label for use with Monarch labelers. They are not made or sponsored by Monarch Marking Systems, Inc.