MONARCH 1110 Price Label Gun

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The most popular price marking labels are the 1110 or A0001 made by Monarch (Paxar). The easy learn and use pricing gun is partially the reason for this, but it is mostly do with cost. The Monarch 1110 labels and guns are relatively cheap and while they do not offer as many options and cusmization as other pricier price marking label lines, they are the industry standard for retailers simply trying price an item.

The Monarch 1110 price marking label gun has been around for over 30 years and is still going strong. It started out in a golden shade (as shown above), but is now sold in a dark gray. This one line price marking label gun is known in the price marking industry as the most user friendly easy use label gun. It is built for a long lifetime of price marking and doing what it does with precision and with ease. The Monarch 1110 pricing gun can print up 8 characters on one line. The Monarch 1110 price marking label gun can mark an 18 item case in 5 seconds, price items over $100 with raised/underlined cents, can label promotional pricing such as 2 for 1 and date and time, cusm bands enable alpha characters are also available.

Sck labels such as two-ne with grocery, beer or sale price listed on the p of the label above the imprint area are common, while cusmized labels with sre name, phone numbers and other things listed above of the imprint area are easily attained. As always, blank labels are available in 15 different colors.

Labels typically come 16 rolls per box, each box contains 17,000 labels and 15 boxes per case. Boxes may be referred as sleeves or packages, rolls are used refill the actual pricing gun.

Ink rollers for the guns are also replaceable. An inker is usually included when purchasing a gun and always included with each sleeve of labels.

Monarch 1110 guns can usually be repaired while walking through the issues with a cusmer service representative over the phone. Common issues that make many other pricing guns unusable are usually easily repairable due the simple design of the Monarch 1110 price marking gun.

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