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  • Two line pricing gun Pricing or coding, both p and botm lines
  • Prints up 16 characters 5 different printing configurations choose from
  • Ability print units of measure and dates
  • Alpha bands for cost codes available
  • All Monarch 1115 models use the same pricing labels

Monarch 1115 - Basics

The Monarch 1115 is a two line pricing gun. The labels, therefore, have a p line for pricing, a cusmizable or preprinted middle line and a botm line for additional pricing. The Monarch 1115 boasts an almost endless amount of usage options. Being that it is a two line pricing gun; the labels can carry more information. The Monarch 1115 labels are great for comparing prices, labeling outdoor products and more.

Labels typically come 10 rolls per box, each box contains 15,000 labels and there are 16 boxes per case. This means that a case includes a tal of 240,000 labels which is divided in 160 rolls. Boxes may be referred as sleeves or packages, rolls are used refill the actual pricing gun.

Ink rollers for the guns are also replaceable; one is usually included when purchasing a gun and always with a sleeve of labels. Monarch 1115 guns can usually be repaired while walking through the issues with a cusmer service representative over the phone.

The Monarch 1115 is made in the US and has a one year warranty. It is plastic and lightweight, perfect for labeling throughout the sre.

Monarch 1115 pricing guns print up 16 characters on two lines. The 1115 labeler is available in 5 different band configurations. All of the Monarch 1115 pricing gun models use the same price labels and have the same outer appearance. Beyond the standard models, there is always the option of further cusmizing the bands better suit individual needs. This is easily done by calling a sales representative who will be glad be of assistance. Qualities of all Monarch 1115 pricing gun.