How do I determine which price label I need?

Determining which price label you need depends on a few things. If you have the pricing gun already, just read the number off the side of the pricing gun and that is the model of price label you will use. From the model number of the pricing gun we can tell if the price gun you are using takes a one, two or three line price label. Once you have determined what price marking gun you have, the rest is depends on what you will be using the label for.

Are you using the price label to mark sale prices, time and date stamps, inventory coding, expiration dates or are you printing alpha or numeric digits on the price label.

Pricing labels can be customized in many different ways. Removable adhesives to make removal of the price label from products easy and clean. Security slits make the price label tamper proof. Custom colors are available (put a link to the custom colors question over here)

It is also very common to personalize pricing labels with your company name, logo, phone number or website. This is usually done to remind customers where they purchased the product and is used for customer retention.