FAQ - Which pricing gun is the best?

This is a very common question and there is no correct way to really answer this question. Pricing guns are used for more then just pricing, coding, expiration dates, inventory tracking and times are just a few ways that pricing guns can be used. Pricing guns are used in many different situations as well including, warehouses, retail establishments, greenhouses, cold storage and food service locations. Please contact our friendly customer service representatives or use our cool live chat feature to pose your questions without ever picking up the phone or waiting for an email response. 

Here is a general overview of the pricing gun brands and what they are primarally used for.

Monarch pricing guns come in multiple models and band configurations for each model. This means you can have different pricing gun models within the same line using the same pricing labels, yet printing completely different things. Many Monarch pricing guns have the ability to print time, date and units of measurement. Monarch pricing guns are known for their low price and ease of use. 

XL Pro pricing guns all come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty which includes free price gun repair. XL Pro pricing guns are very customizable and come in many different models. XL Pro makes over 30 different pricing guns for all of your pricing, coding and inventory tracking needs. XL Pro also makes the only pricing gun that can print 14 digits.

Towa pricing guns are known for their durability. Towa pricing guns are the only guns on the market that made of metal. Their tough quality construction and smooth operating action, make them the king for high volume usage. XL Pro pricing guns come in 3 different models which makes it less harrowing to find the pricing gun right for you.

Sato pricing guns are fully customizable. Sato pricing guns can print, pretty much anything you choose and are small compact and easy to use and store.

Meto pricing guns are predominantly used for eye catching promotional labeling. Meto pricing guns are known for their wavy edged price labels and the way they help impulse buyers see prices. Meto pricing guns print in large and clear bold digits to make prices very visible from far away. 

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