FAQ - What can I do about my price gun jamming?

We would not recommend taking the pricing gun apart as there are many small parts that are impossible to put back together without knowledge of price marking gun mechanics.

First remove any labels you may have in the price gun, turn it upside down so that any loose labels may fall out. Work the action a few times and make sure there are no price labels stuck in the rear of the gun that spits out the used price label back paper.

If that does not work, there a few steps you can try to diagnose the problem with your price gun jamming. Using a small file, (some pricing guns come with one for this purpose) to try and see if any labels are caught in the opening is one thing you can do.

We would also recommend trying to lubricate the moving parts of the price gun. We do offer gun repair and usually price gun jams can be taken care of quite quickly. Most pricing guns come with a 1 year warranty which includes free price gun repair during that period. XL pro pricing guns come with a 5 year warranty and therefore the repair is free.

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