FAQ - What are the advantages of different pricing guns?

The advantages of different pricing guns are vast. Price is probably one of the most important for many small business owners, while reliability and speed may be the thing to look for if you are going to be pricing and labeling massive quantities of inventory and products.

Other advantages of different pricing guns may be the amount of digits that a particular price gun can print, or the number of lines the guns have the ability to print. If you need alpha numeric bands some pricing guns offer these as stock bands while others may charge for customization. Some price marking guns have the ability to print time and date stamps, while others can print prices with the most used measurements. 

The following are the brands of pricing guns we offer and their different advantages:

Monarch pricing guns are the industry leader, Monarch has been on the market for over 25 years and makes some of the easiest to use pricing guns. Monarch pricing guns are also very economical and are available in one, two or three line models.

XL Pro pricing guns all come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty, that warranty includes free price gun repair. Besides for the great warranty XL Pro pricing guns are the easiest on the market to load price labels into. XL Pro pricing guns also have great custom printing bands including full or half alpha numeric band options. XL Pro also makes the only pricing gun on the market that can print 14 digits.

Towa pricing guns are made for tough high volume price marking or inventory coding jobs. Towa pricing guns have a unique look in that they are made mostly of metal, they are tough, lightweight and long lasting. Towa Pricing guns only come in 3 different models making the choosing process a little less harrowing.

Meto pricing guns are known for their uniquely shaped pricing labels. The Meto pricing labels are wavy edged and eye catching, making them a great choice for folks trying different promotions. Meto pricing guns are also known for their bold and clear printing.

Sato pricing guns are extremely customizable. All Sato pricing guns come with a 2 year warranty. Sato pricing guns can be customized with alpha and numeric bands, half alpha, full alpha- pretty much anything you want.

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