FAQ - What are the advantages of 2 line price labels?

Two line pricing labels are very versatile and contain many advantages over one and three line pricing labels. The top line of the price label is usually used to code or date items. The amount of digits printed on the top line varies from 5-14 digits. The XL Pro 37-47 price marking gun has the ability to print 14 digits on the top line of the price label which is the most of any pricing gun

The top line of the price label can also be used for date or time coding as well as expiration dates. The bottom line of the price label, depending on the usage of the top line is usually used for pricing.

Two line pricing labels are most popular when used for sale price and price comparisons. The biggest advantage of two line pricing labels is the ability to print the sale price and regular price on the same label. Printing of the competitor’s price and “our” price are also common ways to utilize the versatility of the two line pricing label.

The two line pricing label can also feature your stores or companies name in the middle of the label between the two lines. Logos and phone numbers can also be printed in the middle of the two line price label, making it very popular for companies trying to gain brand recognition and customer retention by allowing customers to remember where the product was purchased.

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